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ZON Lusomundo Cinemas is the market leader in Portugal for film exhibition and is 100% owned by ZON Multimedia, the leading Portuguese Triple Play operator (Pay TV, Broadband, Voice). Internationally, ZON Lusomundo Cinemas operates in Mozambique through the company Lusomundo Mozambique, a local company (100% owned by the ZON Group) which has been operating in this market for a number of years, and currently redesigning, updating technology and expanding its activity, having in 2012 closed its former rooms and opened new rooms in the Maputo Shopping Centre (in June 2012), which have performed really well and exceeded expectations.

The “core” business of ZON Lusomundo Cinemas is film exhibition, having been one of the first operators in the world to install digital projection in all its theatres in accordance with the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications with 2k resolution (2048 x 1080p). In addition to the commercial film exhibition, it also shows alternative sports content, live or recorded music and dance in 2D or 3D. The sound system used in cinema theatres is the latest generation (Dolby Digital 7.1). The introduction of HFR technology (High Frame Rate) in December 2012 has enabled images to be more immersive, clearer and more realistic by increasing the number of frames per second (from 24 to 48), thus ensuring an exceptional cinema experience and full customer satisfaction. About 40% of ZON Lusomundo rooms are equipped with 3D REAL D digital projection. All cinema theatre equipments, as well as the multiplex complex in general, have a preventive maintenance system which is intended to provide the best safety, comfort and quality conditions.

drinks and foodAt the same time ZON Lusomundo Cinemas complements its service by selling popcorn, drinks, ice cream, coffee, chocolates, and merchandising, it is also responsible for the sale of advertising exhibited at cinema screens and room rental for corporate events.

The company is the only exhibition company in Portugal to be ISO 22.000:2005 (Quality Management System and Food Safety) certified.

In its more than 60 years of existence, the company has adapted and innovated its entire business process and model, with the introduction of digital projection and information technologies, changing the paradigm of the initial concept, with the cinema increasingly becoming a broader entertainment platform, offering multiple content and experiences, which has enabled it to establish critical success factors and lead Portugal in the film market, with a market share in 2012 (without opening new cinema complexes) of over 56% in terms of the number of tickets sold and Box Office revenue. With 29 “multiplex” complexes and 210 cinema theatres geographically spread around the country, its current business model is based on the integration of the supply mix within the shopping centre, as it is one of the anchor tenants of shopping centres, with an extremely strong external and internal image.

ZON Lusomundo Cinemas invests heavily in the Quality of its products and services and the on-going technological updating of its business, always providing a great cinema experience for its customers. Its business policy provides solutions that can optimize the cost of the film experience (reduced for the client) through business partnerships that can also create increased traffic in shopping centres.

The size of each cinema results from market research carried out taking into consideration the surrounding market and the available area in the shopping centre.

In technological terms ZON Lusomundo Cinemas has developed numerous platforms that have enabled the provision of a better service and customer service quality:

  1. At the point of sale, box office/bar, EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) with APTs (Automatic Payment Terminals/ATMs);
  2. Kiosks that allow collection, reservations and purchases of tickets and products from the bar through credit or debit payment, doing away with the bottlenecks of traditional queues for tickets;
  3. Call Centre providing information to customers and allowing ticket reservations;
  4. MTicketing/bCode (apps for mobile devices that enable the purchase of tickets, cross-referencing of sales and promotions with the respective cinema terminals);
  5. ZON Cinemas (box office on the IRIS platform, a worldwide innovation, which makes it possible to buy tickets, as well as see the list of films currently on exhibition, their respective trailers, browse cinema schedules and number of places in each cinema);
  6. Corporate website with online box office and use of social networking, among others.

ZON Lusomundo Cinemas has a well-defined human resources policy, in terms of recruitment and selection, career planning, incentives, working conditions and performance evaluation, seeking to employ competent workers who identify themselves with the organization and who are generally more motivated and productive. Workers receive on-going training at the operational level, in terms of customer service, fire safety and hygiene and food safety.

ZON Lusomundo Cinemas operates its cinemas based on structured standards and its operations manual, thus ensuring an identical customer experience at all of its sites.

ZON Lusomundo's concern in making its services tangible is evident from the outset in the design and construction of its complexes, employing extremely professional architecture and furniture, according to high standards of design, and colour and style consistency.

2012 Indicators

      • 29 Multiplex Complexes
      • 210 Cinemas (100% Digitalized)
      • 83 cinemas in 3D
      • About 40,000 Seats
      • 5 cinemas with HFR (High Frame Rate), the latest evolution in display technology
      • 55 Sales Kiosks
      • Approximately 8,000,000 Tickets Sold / Year
      • Around 300 exhibited Films / Year
      • About 345,000 Film Sessions / Year
      • About 470 Employees
      • Company with ISO 22.000:2005 Certification

portugal lusomundo cinemas

ZON Lusomundo Cinemas has technologically been consistently innovative, always following the latest trends and technical developments and is considered one of the most cutting-edge companies worldwide in terms of technology.


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The year 2012 was marked by a decrease in the film distribution market in Portugal. Gross revenue from ticket sales was 73.9 million Euros, 7.6% less than in 2011. Nevertheless, ZON Lusomundo Audiovisuais was able to strengthen its leadership, registering a market share of 61.7% in terms of audiences and 61.8% in terms of revenue. In the film distribution business the company exhibited 8 of the Top 10 grossing films in 150 premiers in 2012 (vs. 124 in 2011). In 2012 ZON Lusomundo Audiovisuais began exhibiting MGM's catalogue which included films such as 007 - Skyfall and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Also of note was the focus on Portuguese films, notably Aristides de Sousa Mendes – O Cônsul de Bordéus, Morangos com Açucar – O Filme and Balas & Bolinhos – O Capítulo Final, which were the top 3 grossing national films in 2012.

In the Home Video distribution business, ZON Lusomundo Audiovisuais has continued to provide innovative business models, and in the previous year developed a set of activities such as launching films in the press, namely the collections Madagascar, Batman and Oscar® winners, and for the first time television series, including Downton Abbey, The Pillars of the Earth and Looney Tunes, and also focused on major releases like Madagascar 3, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and Puss in Boots, etc. In April 2012 ZON Lusomundo Audiovisuais started distributing the home video catalogue of Universal Pictures in Portugal.

In its Rights Management activity, ZON continued its efforts to diversify revenue beyond the Portuguese FTA channels, extending the range of pay TV customers and starting to sell Pay per View content in Angola and Mozambique.

seriesIn its television business activity, and despite a context of economic adversity, ZON Lusomundo TV strengthened its service with two new HD channels, TV Cine 3 HD and TV Cine 4 HD. Also as part of its television business activity, in May 2012 ZON Lusomundo TV launched the new website for its TV Cine & Series channels, providing online trailers and the TV schedule for the five channel package. In June 2012 the TV Cine & Series App was launched and it was one of the Top 3 national mobile downloads that month.

With regard to the DREAMIA channels, of note was the Hollywood channel being the leading cable channel in October and November, with a 3.3% maximum share in November.

The Panda Biggs children's channel started being distributed by all national market operators as of 29 June 2012. The 4 Dreamia channels together led the cable audience in 2012, reaching a total average monthly rating of 70.0 and 6.0% of the audience share.